Estate, Trust, Fiduciary and Guardianship Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in estate, trust, fiduciary and guardianship disputes. Our wealth of estate planning and administration experience provides substantial insight into the legal and practical duties of fiduciaries, including executors, administrators, trustees, guardians and agents appointed pursuant to power of attorneys. Our attorneys regularly assist with the implementation of guardianship proceedings to ensure appropriate care and asset preservation for incompetent individuals. We also pursue claims against fiduciaries for self-dealing, misappropriation of assets, and other breaches of fiduciary duty. We also assist with challenges to the legitimacy of wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and other documents procured by the undue influence, fraud or tortious interference of others. In appropriate cases, we pursue the modification or termination of irrevocable trusts, the removal of executors or trustees, or the recovery of assets from trusts transferred in fraud of creditors, including a divorcing spouse. We understand the sensitive dynamics that are inherently present in these disputes and work diligently with our clients to identify appropriate strategies and resolutions in light of all relevant circumstances.

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