Governmental Affairs

We combine our expertise in law and lawmaking to protect our clients.

The members of our Governmental Affairs group are experienced attorneys whose knowledge encompasses virtually every aspect of the legislative process. We lobby on matters affecting North Carolina business and industry. We work with our clients and lawmakers on vital issues that address property, casualty and health insurance. We are facilitating legislative action where patients’ rights intersect with managed care.

We work with lawmakers and administrators to help craft legislative solutions to address the needs of our clients. We testify before legislative committees to assist clients in complying with lobbying laws and restrictions, including the creation, management and use of political action committees.

At Young Moore and Henderson, our Governmental Affairs group monitors the work of legislative study commissions when the legislature is not in session to keep our clients informed. We provide testimony on behalf of our clients to these study commissions and work to achieve study commission recommendations that are favorable for our clients.

We represent individual companies before the legislature as well as trade associations, and we have expertise in developing coalitions to promote or oppose legislation. We frequently work with expert witnesses in developing testimony relating to proposed or pending legislation and are experienced in identifying allies and in working with them to devise effective legislative strategies.

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