Insurance Coverage Analysis and Litigation/Bad Faith Litigation

We counsel insurers on coverage.

At Young Moore and Henderson, we represent individuals, companies and insurers in disputes arising out of all types of insurance. These include business and personal auto liability and uninsured or underinsured motorists, general liability, employer’s liability, umbrella/excess, reinsurance, commercial and homeowners property, environmental impairment liability, professional liability insurance, and life, health and accident insurance. For each of these areas, we provide coverage advice and legal opinion letters.

At Young Moore and Henderson, we have experience in arson and fraud litigation, and conduct the examinations under oath, as are often required in fraud or arson investigation. We participate in such claims at the earliest opportunity to provide privileged advice to the insurer and assist in developing and evaluating the evidence. In this way, we can advise the insurer on alternatives based upon our experience in the trial of first- and third-party contract and bad faith litigation. We understand and appreciate the risks to the industry from claim denials based on fraud and arson. We assist companies in making realistic evaluations of these claims.

We appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts to address insurance coverage issues that have implications across North Carolina. We have represented parties in numerous cases that have resulted in reported opinions.

Our ongoing representation of the North Carolina Rate Bureau provides unique expertise and insight into automobile liability, homeowners insurance, and employer’s liability insurance. This bureau is responsible for writing and obtaining regulatory approval for the standard insurance policies in North Carolina. In representing the bureau for more than 25 years, we have participated in the development of policy forms and have worked with the Department of Insurance to obtain approval for policy form revisions.