When Perspective Matters

Recently, I was interviewed by an industry analyst who was studying trends in the transportation industry. We are both long-time observers of the industry, so we spoke the same language and the interview flowed with ease. But at times I was surprised by his follow up questions. I expected a zig, and he zagged. That’s when I realized that our perspectives were guiding the conversation. His study looks at the industry in broad strokes and asks a lot of “what if” questions. My perspective tends to be very case specific and often takes a “what happened” approach.

When we eased into the discussion of litigation, my sweet spot for 30 years, the concept of perspective felt different. During my career, there has never been a national or international crisis that threatened every person, physically, emotionally and/or financially. We are in unchartered territory. The on-going media stories highlighting how the impact differs depending on where you live, how you live or what you do for a living have nudged my perspective out of my life and into the lives of others. We have a shared trauma now and an instant connection with others. But within that connection, perspective still matters.

As we move forward with jury trials, contract negotiations and other legal services, I hope that the legal community’s perspective will be guided by greater compassion, understanding and empathy. That’s both my hope and perspective.  What’s your perspective?

About the Author

Dana H. Hoffman

Dana is a litigator, advisor and defender of the transportation, long term care and electric industries. As a litigation team member at Young Moore and Henderson since 1990, Dana has evolved her law practice from the defense of automobile cases for insurance companies to complex defense litigation for motor carriers, nursing homes, and rural electric cooperatives. She is the Immediate Past President of the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) where she served a total of 10 years on its Board of Directors.  Dana has an AV Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Dana joined the firm in 1990 and was appointed a shareholder in 1995. Read more

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