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At Young Moore, you are never simply a case number or a file to process. Our respected practice has been based on personal relationships for over 60 years. Whether it’s recurring legal counsel or an issue in one of our many practice areas, we’ll know you as well as we know the law. We understand you need representation you can trust, and you’ll find it in our rigorous advocacy and unyielding integrity.

Our team of more than 40 attorneys has a diverse background of industry experience and represents companies and individuals with matters in North Carolina and beyond. From transportation to healthcare, insurance to education, and nearly everything in between, we are here to stand beside you and build a custom solution that fits your needs. We provide a broad range of legal services that encompass civil litigation, business transactions, employment law, insurance law and regulation, administrative law, real estate, and trusts and estates.

We see your legal matter as another opportunity to apply our talent, passion and experience. You’ll simply see it as peace of mind … and another problem solved.Young Moore is a member of ALFA International, a law firm network with more than 150 member firms across the country and around the world, allowing us to address our clients’ needs wherever they may occur. Watch the video below or click here to learn more.

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