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Update on Medical Examiner’s Certification Integration

Technology strikes again!  On June 18, 2018, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration issued an interim final rule that delays several provisions of the Medical Examiner’s Certification Integration. The action was necessary to complete IT programming changes at the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and on the state level.

For Certified Medical Examiners, the paper trail will continue. Specifically, the interim final rule requires a CME to continue issuing the original paper Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Form MCSA-5876) to all qualified drivers including Commercial Learner’s Permit/Commercial Driver’s License applicants/holders. The use of paper certifications will be allowed through June 21, 2021.

Motor Carriers should continue verifying that drivers were certified by a certified Medical Examiner listed on the National Registry.

But be advised – the effective date of some requirements has not been delayed. Effective June 22, 2018, CMEs will be required to report the results of all commercial motor vehicle driver physical examinations, both qualified and unqualified findings, to FMCSA by midnight (local time) of the next calendar day following the examination. FMCSA advises that outages at the National Registry may still occur and CMEs will be allowed to upload all reports, without penalty, when the National Registry is available again.


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