Retail and Premises Liability

We corner the market on retail issues.

We provide comprehensive representation to stores, hotels, malls and other businesses in the retail industry. The firm’s primary focus is in the litigation arena, where our attorneys have extensive experience in North Carolina’s federal and state courts. We have served as legal counsel and advisor to retailers in the areas of slip-and-falls, falling merchandise, swimming pool accidents, property or building defects, and security issues arising out of criminal assaults.

With years of experience in this area, we can provide access to local experts and other litigation support services. The firm is also a member of national organizations that focus on legal issues specifically tailored to the retail industry. With the frequent employee turnover in the retail industry, our attorneys recognize the value of a prompt and thorough investigation immediately following an incident, and we welcome the opportunity to organize or participate in the client’s investigation team.

We recognize that the litigation arena may not be the best venue for a particular dispute. Therefore, our attorneys are also well versed in utilizing alternative dispute methods, including arbitration and mediation, to the client’s best interest. The firm is ultimately interested in the client’s needs and interests, and we are proud to offer quality representation in the area of retail and premises liability.

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